Virtual private server (VPS)

At Crisscross, we are always committed to creating the best trading environment for our customers. From now on, Crisscross officially launched the virtual private server service.

Every minute, the price of the foreign exchange market may change dramatically. For example, some major press conferences set off waves in the foreign exchange market. For traders, a fast and stable server is very important for the smooth execution of the transaction.

Virtual private server has strong connectivity, your order will be executed immediately, so that you can trade at the best price and minimize unnecessary losses.

Connect to the real-time market at all times with virtual private servers, and you can do everything in your control. With virtual private servers, you can also take full advantage of the MT4 trading platform to experience the efficient transactions brought by using intelligent transaction (EA).

Our servers are close to the major foreign exchange markets. In the moment of major news release, the fast order execution can let you buy and sell at the perfect time, and the traders will have higher profitability.

Why choose MT4 virtual private server?

  • Calculation program and EA7 run 24 hours a day
  • Fast trade execution
  • No overload server, no lag
  • No backup computer required
  • Access to any browser
  • Remote transaction

Using VPS on MT4

  • Customers with a daily average balance of more than US $5000 and a monthly turnover of 5 standards can enjoy the virtual private server free of charge.
  • For customers who do not meet the free use standard, the monthly fee for VPS is $35, and some months are charged pro rata.
  • The cost will be deducted from Crisscross wallet. If there is not enough funds in the customer's Crisscross wallet, the expenses will be deducted from the customer's MT4 account balance; If there is not enough money in the account balance, the customer's Crisscross wallet balance will become negative, and the virtual private server will be terminated.
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