As a professional global social trading platform, tradesociety provides opportunities for investors to explore financial markets. Through the global community, you can obtain a wide range of trading information and make wise investment decisions. With the strong technical support of social trading and fund management on the platform, you can choose the identity of excellent trader or intelligent follower to enjoy the multiple benefits brought by different identity accounts.

fund management

Maximize your earning potential and minimize your investment risk. Tradesociety provides a simple and convenient operation interface for domestic foreign exchange traders to help them rationalize their investment process and achieve their investment goals.

Social Trading

Brainstorm and build your trading community. Through tradesociety, you can choose different identities of traders or fund managers, flexibly allocate funds according to your own business model, and realize personalized management.

  • Obtain detailed performance analysis
  • Independent risk management for each investment
  • View and track real time investment reports
  • Connect with tradesociety community

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