Why Crisscross is chosen as a white label partner?

Customized solutions

Crisscross white label cooperation scheme fully supports customization and free development. You can own exclusive trading brands and customize transaction conditions and / or regulatory requirements according to your own needs.

Full supply of trading products

With Crisscross multi bank liquidity solutions, you can provide customers with a full range of products to meet their trading needs. Competitive price structure makes you stand out in the market.

Efficient and simplified setup procedure

Simplify technical requirements, Crisscross will provide IT architecture support to help you quickly develop your business.

As a Crisscross white label partner, you will also receive:

  • Transaction technical support
  • Integrate multiple traffic providers
  • Risk management and compliance support
  • Foundation construction of front and back office
  • Experience in marketing packaging, market development and customer maintenance
  • Professional and patient account consultant and 5-day 24-hour customer service
  • A series of training and strategy suggestions to fully support your business development
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