Spread your investment risk and diversify your trading strategy

As a natural currency with high value preservation, gold and silver have become a sought after safe haven during the economic crisis and a haven for traders to invest. As a global market, its supply and demand are affected by the international environment, not only by a single country. Therefore, while trading foreign exchange, you can also choose precious metal trading to diversify your trading portfolio, so as to reasonably disperse risks and enjoy profits. In Crisscross, gold and silver are priced in US dollars, and their trading methods are similar to foreign exchange trading except that the trading time is 23 hours a day.

Trading hours

Trading hours in the precious metals market are 23 hours a day, five days a week.

Service time: Monday 01:01 opening, Friday 23:59 closed

*During the implementation of DST, our server time is set to GMT + 3.

Leverage ratio

We offer flexible leverage ratios * up to 1:500, depending on the customer's trading preferences

Please select the available leverage level according to the account type.

*Please note that leveraged trading may amplify losses as well as gains. Your losses may exceed the initial capital injection amount, so it is not suitable for all investors.

Margin requirements

Margin refers to the initial deposit amount required to maintain the open position. According to the leverage ratio you set, a portion of the net account value will be allocated as margin deposit.

Example 1:

For gold / USD standard hand at 1588.08,When the leverage is 1:100, the calculation method is as follows:

Margin = (1 * 100 * $1588.08) / (100) = $1588.08

Example 2:

For silver / USD standard hand at 29.88,When the leverage is 1:100, the calculation method is as follows:

Margin = (1 * 5000 * $29.88) / (100) = $1494.00

Margin call

Margin call is a notice of margin increase issued by securities companies to customers when the funds in the traders' accounts are lower than the margin requirement, so as to prevent the positions held by the traders from being forced to close out because the amount in the traders' accounts is lower than the margin requirement.In Crisscross,The margin call is set at 80% .That is, if your net account value [balance - Opening Transaction gain / loss] is less than 80% of the margin deposit requirement to maintain the position held, you will receive an additional margin notice asking you to increase the deposit to maintain the trading position.

Compulsory closing level

When your funds are lower than the margin requirement, the margin call will be triggered and the compulsory position closing level will be reached, so as to avoid more trading losses.In Crisscross,Compulsory closing level set at 50%.

Overnight interest

Traders who stay overnight earn or pay overnight interest. If the position is held overnight on weekends, the overnight interest will be calculated on Wednesdays, so the applicable interest on Wednesdays is the three-day overnight interest.

Currency pair Multi position interest rate Short interest rate
XAUUSD -13.629 5.616
XAGUSD -1.764 0.739

**Please refer to the trading platform for the latest interest rate data.

**Please log in to your trading account to learn more about the platform products / financial instruments. The trading products will be updated on the trading platform from time to time.

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